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6 June 2023; St Mary’s for All; Hybrid/Virtual Present: Suzie McCheyne- Development Officer, Nigel Wunsch- Acting Chair, Diane Whateley- Secretary, Jim Bolton- Healthy& Happy, Caroline Thompson-Noble- Community Rail Network, Arlene Dickson- Samaritans, Susan Cairns- Beckford Lodge, Fraser Hamilton- Web designer, Edith Black- National Autistic Society (S Lanarkshire), Diane Wyse- Scottish Autistic Consultants, John Wilson- Scotrail Apologies: Lynn Keir- Treasurer, Alison Plummer- St Mary’s for All, 1. Chair’s Report: Previous AGM minutes proposed by NW and seconded by SMcC Rail 74 works with over 25 different community organisations and…

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Agenda – AGM Welcome guests & intros (ensuring quorum)

St Mary’s for All, Hamilton Present: Suzie McCheyne- Chair/Development Officer, Wendy Russell- Treasurer, Alison Plummer- St Mary’s for All, Maureen Black- NHS Lanarkshire (Beckford Lodge), Steven Mclaughlin- Secretary, Nigel Wunsch- Cambuslang rotary, john Wilson- Scotrail, Victoria Eccles- South Lanarkshire Council, Eugenie Aroutcheff and Lynn Semple- Grow 73, Diane Whateley- volunteer. 1. Chair’s Report: SMcC opened by offering copies of the Development Day report and set out the key points from the year’s activities- involved over 50 under 15 year olds in the various projects, been nominated for 3…

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